Woman Killed By Husband!

                                           WOMAN KILLED BY HUSBAND!

Akulka was found dead three miles behind her home.  Once the scene was investigated we discovered that she had had her throat slit.  She did not die instantly. She had tried to get home to receive help.  She crawled approximately one hundred feet from the actual sight of the murder.  We found her husband, the murderer, that night.  He had left his horse drawn wagon in the woods and fled the scene. He hid away beneath a bench in the old bathhouse behind their home.  

     We talked with a person who wishes to remain anonymous.  This person had witnessed some of Akulka`s life with her husband before the murder.  “He was very abusive, he would always come home drunk and beat Akulka until he was too exhausted to continue.  I would hear screams and the sounds of things falling. I had wished that I could have done something to prevent it but then I would have ended up the same.”  We also found out that Akulka did not just have a hard life with her husband, she also had a hard life with her family.  ” A man that worked for her father spread bad things about Akulka in the town.  Her parents believed this and beat her repeatedly for it.” 


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