begining of first night

Guy: (walking down the street and sees a girl running down the street being chased, he walks to the other side of the street and scares off the guy.)“If you would allow me to take your arm that man wont dare annoy you again” (looks at the girl) “now you see you shouldn’t have spurned me like that, nothing would’ve happened if I were at your side.”

Girl: ”but I didn’t know you; I thought you too…”

Guy: (cutting off the girl) “ do you feel you know me now?”

Girl: “a little, for instance, I know your trembling, tell me why.”

Guy: “ah, you’ve guessed it from the start. Yes you’ve seen through me straight away. Im afraid of women, and its that fear that makes me tremble a few moments ago when that gentleman frightened you. Im frightened now, its like a dream although ive never actually dreamed that id be talking to a woman.”

Girl: “really?”

Guy: “yes. And if you feel my arm tremble its because it has never yet been held by a pretty hand like yours. Im quite unused to being with women. In fact, ive never got used to them. I live alone, I don’t even know if I had said something stupid to you. Please tell me frankly I promise I wont be offended.”

Girl: “no,no on the contrary. And since you want me to be frank, let me tell you that women like your sort of shyness; ill even tell you that I like it too, and I wont ask you to leave me till Im at my doorstep”

Guy: “if you go on saying things like that ill lose my shyness and, along with it, my advantage…”

Girl: “advantage? Advantage to what end? Ah, now you’ve said something I don’t like.”

Guy:” I am sorry, it just slipped off my tongue, you cant really expect that, at such a moment, I shouldn’t wish that…”


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