Beginning of 4th night


Guy:  Nastenka!

Girl:  Come here, hurry!

Girl:  Well, let me have the letter!  You have it, haven’t you?

Guy:  No, I have no letter, but haven’t you seen him yet?

Girl:  Well, good luck to him, good luck to him, if that’s the way he feels about me.

Guy:  Stop, stop…

Girl:  Don’t try to make me feel better, don’t mention him, don’t tell me he’ll come, don’t persuade me he hasn’t thrown me over so cruelly, so callously as he has.  What did I do wrong?  Could it be something I wrote in that ill-fated letter?

Girl:  as, how cruel and callous!  And he never even bothered to write me a single line!  If only he had answered that he didn’t need me, that he rejected me.  But no, he hasn’t written a word during these three days!  How easy it is for him to hurt and humiliate a poor girl whose only sin is to love him!  Ah, my God!  My God!  When I think it was I who came to him in the first place, that I humbled myself before him, cried, begged him for a crumb of his love…  and after all that!  Listen, it cant be-its not natural-one of us, you or I, has made a mistake!  Maybe he never got my letter!  Maybe he doesn’t know a thing to thins minute!  How is it possible-please explain to me, for God’s sake-for him to be so unspeakably rude to me?  No a single word!  People show more pity than that for the lowest of creatures!  Maybe he’s heard something; maybe someone has told him some slander about me?  What do you think?

Guy:  I’ll go, Nastenka, and see him on your behalf tomorrow.

Girl:  Yes?

Guy:  I’ll tell him everything and ask him to explain.

Girl:  Yes?  Yes?

Guy:  write him a letter.  Don’t say no.  Wait!  Ill forces him to respect what you did.  Hell be told everything, and if—

Girl:  No, my dear, no, that’s enough!  No more about it not one line not one word, enough’s enough!  I don’t know him.  I don’t love him anymore.  Ill forget him…

Guy:  Clam yourself, calm yourself, Nastenka!  Here sit down.


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