Second half of First Night – Nick’s Post

Girl: “All right then,” the girl said, “I suppose I’ll be here tomorrow night too. At ten. I see I can’t stop you, and I have to come here anyway. But don’t think I’ve made a date with you, I warn you: I have to be here for me own reasons. So I may as well tell you now: I won’t mind if you’re here too, because that may save me and unpleasent incident like tonight’s. But that’s just incidental. To be brief, I’d be very pleased to see you… to say a couple of words to you. But I don’t want you to think badly of me. You mustn’t think that I make dates easily. I would never have agreed to mme you again had it not be for… No, let it remain a secret! Only, from now on, lets reach and agreement.

Guy: “An agreement!” Just name it! I’ll agree to anything in advance!” I said with ardor. “I assure you I’ll be docile, respectful… you know me.”

Girl: “It’s because I know you that I want you to come tomorrow.” the girl said, laughing. “And I know you fully. But if you come, it must be on my terms. First – please do as I ask, for I’m being completely frank about it – don’t fall in love with me. You mustn’t believe me. But I’d like us to be friends. Here, lets shake hand on it. But remember, no falling in love!”

Guy: “I swear!” I shouted, taking her hand.

Girl: “Stop, don’t swear so readily. I know very well that you can burst into flame in a second, like gunpowder- forgive me for saying so. Ah, if you knew… I, too – I have had no one with whom I could exchange a word, of whom to ask advice. Where could I look for advisors? Certainly not in the street. But you’rean exception. I know you as if we’d been friends for twenty years. Am I right in thinking you won’t let me down?”

Guy: “You’ll see. Only I don’t know how I’ll keep myself alive, waiting for twenty – four hours.”

Girl: “Sleep deeply. Good night, and remember I’ve put my trust in you. But you put it so well yourself: Does one reall have to give an account of every feeling, even of brotherly compassion? You know, you put it so well, that right away I decided to confide in you.”

Guy: “For heaven’s sake, what is it? What?”

Girl: “Tomorrow. Let it remain a secret for the moment. It’s better for you that way; at least from a distance all this mat resemble a romance. I may tell you tomorrow and I may not. I’ll talk to you some more; we’ll become better acquanted first.”

Guy: “Well, I – I’ll tell you everything about myself tomorrow! But it’s as if a miracle were happening to me. Where am I? Oh, God! Tell me, are you glad you didn’t get angry with me or chase me away at first, as another woman would have done? It took you two minutes to make me happy and once for all. Yes, happy. Who knows, perhaps you’ve made me accept myself, maybe you’ve resolved my doubts. Perhaps such moods come over me that… Well, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow, you’ll know all…

Girl: “Good, I accept; and you’ll begin…”

Guy: “Agreed.”

Girl: “Good night.”

Guy: “Good night.”

We parted. I walked around all night. I couldn’t make myself go home. I was so happy… Tomorrow!


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