Woman Killed By Husband!


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House of the Dead: Baklushkin’s Story


      A Russian soldier shot and killed a German man approximately two weeks ago, on January 13th. A Russian soldier by the name of Baklushkin, 30 murdered at his own watch shop. An anonymous source revealed that there was jealousy of Baklushkin, and tension between the two men over Luise, who Baklushkin planned to marry. The Russian soldier claimed Baklushkin stole Luise from him. The soldier, furious, took his old hand held pistol and shot the German man in the front of the skull. The Russian man then fled the scene, past the barracks, and quickly got rid of the weapon. After two weeks of investigation they took the man in. After many hours of interrogation he confessed about shooting the man his words were.  “My rage got the best of me” he said,  “If I could redo what happened I would not go back what happened is what happened.